DL Stickler

Ever wonder what it is like to engage strangers on the internet without fear?

It is Kinda Like this.

There are all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions and all kinds of ideas. And, unless you are ready to allow others the right, privilege and liberty to be themselves; you may find yourself in the cross hairs of people who are less than civil in their expressions.

Interactive MEdia Personalities

It is a new idea. Some people call us Influencers. Some people call us Trolls. Some people call us Celebrities. Some people call us stupid.

But whatever you call us, we are the people who others respond to. Who others sometimes agree with. Who others sometimes disagree with. We engage our audience.

But more importantly, we respond to our audience. We pay attention. We listen. We care.

We are not out there in the Digital Universe because we had a platform once. Or we need a platform today. Or we care if we have a Platform tomorrow. We put ourselves out there to entertain. To enlighten. To educate. To serve.

Ultimately, that is what it is all about. Service. Serving an audience. By not clogging up a timeline with useless information designed to drive your imagination. But, by caring about you. Yes, I may say it even loving you.

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